Users Might Find Fingerprint Scanner in iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

Yet, it is not confirmed that whether Apple is going to launch iPhone with the name of iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, people start making assumption for its functionality. We can’t say that what wrong with them as we understand the popularity of this device. Future predictions are the part of this electronics device. If we are not predicting anything, it means we are not giving any importance to the upcoming device. Some experts are predicting that the new iPhone comes with minor changes like better camera (f2.0 instead of f1.x), 4.5 inches taller, faster processor chip(A7), etc.

Apple works smartly and adding some small changes every year, so to give tougher competition to the companies like Samsung and Google. We all know that some strategies work for short time, so this time Apple plan smart plan to add fingerprint sensor into its latest iPhone model. This fingerprint sensor is one of the latest technology that yet to appear in iPhone 2013 model. In 2012, Apple made purchase of a security company called AuthenTec, just like Siri with an intention to use technology in its devices. According to the prediction, Apple may launch the latest model of iPhone with this surprising feature and it may also have some surprises in its Apple store as well.

The main aim of purchasing AuthenTec is Samsung, which had good relationship with AuthenTec. As we all know that iPhones are the most targeted theft objects in the US, so Apple tries to give extra security to its clients by providing anti-theft detection against iPhone theft. Just like ‘face detection’ feature in Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple’s fingerprint sensor works as an anti-theft detection. With Samsung’s face detection feature, one can take their picture and an application always remembers their face. If any unknown person tries to unlock the phone, they have to take a picture.

In case, picture doesn’t match, phone will remain locked. Two people might have same facial structure, so s/he can unlock the phone while this is not possible with fingerprint sensor. It is also heard that iPhone offers six to eight different colors in its upcoming models. God know whether it is true or rumored, but we all are quite happy with these surprises. We also are planning to hire iPhone apps Programmer for custom iPhone application Development to make our device more attractive.